Creative & Art Director

Crafty B*stard

timothy paulson

Wait, Timothy who?


This is the part where I tell you I’m a creative machine who does everything from branding to strategy, websites to print, full-fledged campaigns to video, word smithery, outdoor, appliance repair, chimney sweeping and generally everything under the sun. Pretty good, right?

Lucky for you (and depending on the appliance), I do just over 81% of those exceptionally well.

Seriously, though. timothy who?

I give brands the voices they need, to tell the stories they want, to the audiences they seek.

Fueled by curiosity, french toast and a need to create, I wake up in the morning to empower people and organizations to make an impact in this complex world we all live in. I listen, learn, laugh, adapt and learn some more to create branding, advertising and campaigns that stir emotion, elicit curiosity and drive results.

Okay, timothy. Prove it. Show me the goods.

The Goods:

(I thought you’d never ask.)

The time is now.

Want to talk your it over? I'm ready when you are.