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DesignLoft Cabinets

Your kitchen. Everyone’s in there even if they don’t need to be. Company’s over and they just won’t leave the damn kitchen even though the living room is right there, more spacious and the sofas are so much more comfortable than sitting on those barstools that even your cat won’t sit on.

Your kitchen. It should be one of the nicest rooms in your house, but it isn’t. There’s not enough room for all those gadgets you use twice a year, let alone for you to walk around without bumping into each other. And those cabinets, which were borderline elegant in the ‘80s when you moved in, are just awful.

What do you do? You go to DesignLoft Cabinets. Their designers will help you not only choose new custom cabinets, accessories and appliances, but they’ll redesign the space to create a layout flow that actually makes sense. You’ll get the kitchen of your dreams, one that’s a pleasure to entertain in and fits everything and then some.

When DesignLoft Cabinets outgrew their ‘80s-esque branding, I redesigned their logo and provided creative direction for the renaming and web design teams.

DesignLoft Cabinets Logo Design
DesignLoft Cabinets Business Card Design
DesignLoft Cabinets Website Design
DesignLoft Cabinets Website Design