Tim Tim Tim Tim

Fueled by curiosity, french toast and an acute need to create …

I wake up in the morning to delve into the obscure wrinkles of my brain reemerging with fun, little ideas to solve x,y and z. Working and shaping them through out the day, they grow into big ideas—beautifully nuanced and lively creatures thriving out there in the world. Big ideas that resonate with audiences, capturing their minds and hearts.

For those of you interested in how I got here:

For almost 20 years now, I’ve worked with clients small and large, bringing their brand voices to life with intelligent creative strategy, spot-on branding, inspiring print collateral, engaging websites, insightful brand development, and some pretty sweet videos. Along the way, I’ve worked in the agency, television and higher ed sectors—a path that has fortuitously led me to you. So, enough about me already. Let’s talk about you.

Let's do this thing. (You know you want to.)

Want to talk your it over? I'm ready when you are.